Friday, July 08, 2005

"Late Night Talk Radio with My Brother..."

I was sitting on the phone the other night with my brother Lan - well, Lan isn't REALLY my "brother," not in the flesh-and-blood sense, but in every other way - spiritually, emotionally, mentally - he is more than my own brother to me.

Anyway, as we do most nights, we sat chatting on the phone around 2:00am - not quite the
"witching hour," and not quite early enough to be called "civil," just somewhere inbetween; that time of day between sunset and sunrise when we have our most productive communications. The topic hardly ever matters... politics, family, sex, metaphysics, rocket science, polygamy, porn... we just enjoy the sound of each other's voice and the deep bond of friendship between us as we meld the events of our days into a steady stream of cognitive repartee. In a very real sense, we conduct our own late night talk radio show.

Generally speaking, the only things that bring our conversations to an abrupt end are excessive drunkeness (ie: "passing out"), or Lan's nakedly trapsing wife, Taira... and I
must add at this point, otherwise suffer the consequences of my recalcitrance, that Taira is not just a drop dead, gorgeous babe, but an Incredible Intellect and worthy adversary in any philosophical debate (that one's for you, Taira), and she has this mystical power over Lan when she is nekkid. Go figure.

Among our topics of discussion is Lan's new talk radio show,
Overnight AM with Lan Lamphere. He bounces ideas off of me, and we talk about stuff that is of general interest to him as he develops topics for his show. My brother, Lan Lamphere, is one of those friends who comes along only once in a lifetime - or perhaps several. Lan and I have had our problems and knock-down-drag-outs, but there is real love and a deep caring for each other and each other's families. Life is too short to not have a friend you can "love closer than a brother."

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