Monday, July 04, 2005

"Acquired Wisdom....."

I've been told that I have lived 39 past lives. When I do the math - calculating each of my past lives as having had a somewhat average lifespan - I figure I am somewhere between 1500 and 2200 years old. Soul-wise, that is.

Of course, my figuring is based on the assumption that those past lives were chronologically consecutive. What if they weren't...? What if there were gaps between lives, some great, some small. Couldn't that provide room for a much greater soul-span?? Hell, my soul could have been here for the duration. Wow!! What an incredible amount of acquired wisdom must be bouncing around in my noggin!! Then again, who's to say there isn't a shitter-load of accumulated baggage screaming around inside my soul, tossing me about like a kharmic rag doll. Could explain a lot. Hmmm... damn Bhuddists.

Note to Self: This whole Past Life Thing needs research....)

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Dim One said...

39 past lives, eh? I'll bet that in each one you were royalty, a VIP, some champion of the people. Never a ditch digger, tiolet scrubber, elephant droppings collector (What?! And give up show-business?!)

Funny how those past lives work that way. And if you did some regressive hypnosis, I'm sure you'd speak about those lives. In English. With an accent.